First Flown At Mount Vernon, Now At Our Madison Home

There were three very special things we brought back from our spring trip to Washington, D.C.

At the Iwo Jima Memorial two workers were taking apart a flower bed that had hundreds of tulip blooms just weeks before.  The pile of bulbs was quite large and after we passed them I turned and went back with a question for one of the workers.

“What are you going to do with those bulbs?’

“Not really sure,” was his reply.

“Might I have one?” I inquired.

“Take as many as you want,” he added with a gesture of his hand over the pile in front of him.

My Midwestern sensibilities did not allow me to place handfuls into my shoulder bag as I had the space–but I did take two and they are planted in a special place in our lawn.

The other extremely wonderful item we brought back is a flag that was flown at Mount Vernon, the home to George Washington.  Today we raised it here for the first time to fly at our home for July 4th.   It will come down tonight and be used only for future Independence Days or Presidents’ Day.

James has a special bag to store it in, and place it away for safe-keeping.

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