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Another Fox Anchor With His Sexual Misconduct Making News

July 7, 2017

It never seems to end when it comes to men treating women poorly at Fox.  And a married man, too!

The latest takes places as Fox Business anchor Charles Payne has been suspended by the network while it investigates sexual harassment allegations made against him by a female political analyst. Payne, who hosts Making Money on the network and appears on various other programs, has acknowledged what he described as a three-year “romantic relationship” with a married female political analyst who frequently appeared on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel from 2013 to 2016. Payne admitted to the extramarital affair in a statement to the National Enquirer published Wednesday that included an apology to his wife, children and friends.

Yes, that should clear the air for all with a public apology of caddish behavior along with the ripping of the marriage vows.  Classy is not an adjective for Payne.

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