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Just Say No

July 7, 2017

There is no more important right, indeed nothing more fundamental to our independence and freedoms than the right to vote. It is the right we use to secure all other rights.  So with that Civics 101 absolute placed into print at the start of this post let me add that very right is now under attack.

Donald Trump and his administration are hard at work to try and spin a lie into something that would hurt our most sacred right to vote  And Trump wants to spend our tax money to achieve his aim!  Trump wants to investigate completely fictitious claims of “voter fraud”–the wild-eyed, off-the-wall-total fictitious and rambling claims that Trump made himself.  Again lets be clear about this sham from Trump.  There is absolutely no evidence to support his baloney.

Last week, this new commission that the Trump Administration has created for this purpose requested every single American’s political party registration and voting history.  That is simply unacceptable. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind why this crafty and dangerous idea is being attempted.  The Trump Team is setting the stage for a massive purge of the voter rolls, all in an attempt to disenfranchise working people, people of color, students, first-generation Americans, and seniors.

Trump has zero credibility among thinking people when it comes to protecting our rights or the integrity of our elections.   He may not even have truly won the 2016 election once all the facts become clear about the degree of Russian meddling that took place.

There’s no telling how much damage this latest scheme could do to our democracy.  But none of that is what matters to Trump.  That is why it needs to matter to all the rest of us.

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