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Trump Supporters Go Crazy After NPR Tweets Declaration of Independence

July 7, 2017

I take heat at times for speaking clearly and honestly about the way I see those who cast a ballot for Donald Trump.   They did not think clearly or rationally about their choice for president.  Many–far too many–are simply under-educated.  With that in mind I need to take my readers back a couple of days for a story that I first did not think was anything more than a prank–something being spun by the Onion.

The July 4th holiday can be a famously slow news cycle.   Even with Trump in the White House there must be times when events slow down.  Minus the actions of North Korea it was a mostly slow news day.  But that was about to change.

NPR decided to do something different this year–since Twitter is so often used and enjoyed by over 30 million Trump followers.  So they tweeted the Declaration of Independence to mark the holiday.  They sent the whole document over Twitter.  NPR posted the declaration word for word. But seeing the iconic lines on a platform other than 241-year-old parchment left some Trump followers as confused as we know them to be.

Trump’s Twitter users thought the words of our founding fathers were overtly political statements.  As a result, those simpletons pulled the Declaration into their abrasive political rhetoric.  Just as NPR worked through the part about the colonists’ frustration with British rule, someone tweeted, “Are you drunk? Your silly tweets make your state of mind questionable.” One person thought NPR was starting a revolution when it quoted the founders’ idea that it should be the right of the people to alter or abolish destructive governments.

There is no way that anyone could make this up.

Consider they were reading this on July 4th and the dill-weeds could not place the words and the reason they were not at work on a Tuesday into a coherent and complete thought!

The blow-back increased when the tweets reached the portion of the Declaration that outlined, in unsparing detail, all the ways Britain’s King George III had wronged the then-colonies. Some Trump fans—still in the dark about NPR’s July Fourth exercise—assumed those lines were references to President Trump and the current administration.

Every-time you think some in this nation can not possibly be more embarrassing I only ask that you wait for a while as Trump voters will never cease to showcase their ‘brilliance’.  Just notice the ones where the belt does not make all the loops!

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