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If President Trump Is Not Feared, Or Loved, Or Trying To Sell Ideas….

July 19, 2017

…what happens?

You get the situation that has unfolded for the majority party in congress.

When a president and the party control all the levers in Washington and are still unable to pass their signature legislation it means that someone needs to be held accountable.  From the months of watching and following the antics and actions of Trump I feel that his lack of political skill and his stunted governing skills are much to blame for the debacle the Republican Party now finds itself.

If a president is not loved, feared and unable, or as in the case of Trump the added stain of not wanting or willing to persuade, means the end result is only chaos and no policy making.   Recall that Trump barely tried during the GOP’s unsuccessful push on health care to do anything that normal White Houses would have done to move the needle.  He never once held a town-hall meeting on the foundation that the GOP has screeched about for many campaign cycles.   Trump never gave a prime-time speech or press conference.  And when he was so bored with himself at the White House– and please think about how one could be bored there–and hit the road for a speech he only touched briefly on the most pressing matter before congress.  He instead meandered around on other subjects.

At the end of the day, as we analyze the many reasons the health care debate was never effectively sold to the public, the fact Trump failed to work as a president will be the most troubling fact.

Note that even in the key counties that propelled Trump to the White House there was mass uncertainty.  Among Trump voters living in those counties, only 25% believed the House bill was a good idea, 16% said it was a bad idea, and a whopping 59% had no opinion or were unsure.

If there is anyone to blame for why nearly 60% of those Trump voters–according to NBC polling–were undecided about the health care legislation only needs to look at Trump.  He failed to do the job he was elected for.

But did anyone who voted for Trump seriously think he was interested in the gritty work requited to govern?  Or knowledgeable about the role he was seeking?

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