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Donald Trump Gives Bat-Crap Crazy Interview To The New York Times

July 20, 2017

Just when you think it can not get more crazy from this president comes his interview with The New York Times.

What I want to know is how the reporters were able to sit without laughing or how they forced their eyes not to roll back up into their heads–and stay there.  What Trump said was simply unglued babble that underscores what I have said for many months.  Trump is not a well person and needs medical attention.

President Trump spoke to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

HABERMAN: “Am I wrong in thinking — I’ve talked to you a bunch of times about this over the last couple years, but you are generally of the view that people should have health care, right? I mean, I think that you come at it from the view of …”

TRUMP: “Yes, yes. [garbled]”…

TRUMP: “It’s been a long time. Nothing changes. Wait till you see what we’re going to do on trade.”

HABERMAN: “Sounds like it’s going to be very interesting.”

TRUMP: “Much more interesting than anybody would understand.”


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