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GOP Placing American Health Care On Train Tracks

July 25, 2017

The Senate today passed a motion to proceed with repealing the current health care law. A final vote on the Senate bill is expected, perhaps, by the end of this week.   The senators are taking up the troubling House passed version with an expected number of amendments from senate members.

The desperate Republicans even flew in Senator John McCain from Arizona to cast a crucial vote while he’s recovering from surgery for brain cancer. A surgery he has access to because he has world-class health care that you and I pay for with tax dollars.  Yet he, and other Republican senators, don’t think that your family or mine deserve the same life saving care.

However the senate works the bill there is one thing that is certainty.  Tens of millions will lose health care in this nation as result of what is taking place this week in the senate.  Thousands will die so billionaires can pay less in taxes.  Because at the end of the day what the senate is working on has far more to do with a tax cut for the wealthy than a health care bill for the American citizen.

That is cruel. That is immoral.  But that is what is now playing out in our nation’s capitol.

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