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The Politics Of The Health Care Debate In Senate

July 25, 2017

From the best one can gleam of the machinations in the U.S. Senate concerning health care if looks as if they are eventually trying to pass a “skinny repeal”.   That alone means Senate Paul is against the bill. That option would basically be the stripping of the individual and employer mandate, and the medical-device tax from law.   The political outlook for this is less than rosy.

But what happens if a “skinny repeal” passes in the senate?  House Republicans are not likely to simply bring it up on its own, but would be forced to–based on their caucus–cobble together some sort of replacement element.  The reason is that gutting those two pieces won’t be enough for many in the GOP House to swallow.  If that option were to falter they could resort to the old-fashioned conference committee and formally negotiate a result.

And when was the last time that was used–with success?

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