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Do You Favor Courts Shutting Down Media Outlets?

July 26, 2017

Well of course you do not.  Rational readers show up here at Caffeinated Politics.

But a new Economist/YouGov poll finds that Republicans favor having courts “shut down media outlets” for “biased or inaccurate” stories by a 45% to 20% margin, with 35% unsure.

I have never held back my view that the educational standards in our nation are too low, and far too many of my fellow citizens are simply–well, simpletons.  I have had this view in years where Democrats held the White House and clearly now with Donald Trump residing there.   My low regard for much of the nation, over the decades, when it comes to education is not a politically driven feeling as much as one where it is just very apparent, time and again, that there are many under-educated people around us.

How would a citizen with any dose of history or civics not have a clue as to why the question posed above is highly dangerous and very undemocratic?  Or is this just the next logical step in the GOP’s transition from conservatism to the National Front?

Look at the numbers for the various subgroups and you might need something stronger than my cup of coffee–(today is Peruvian).  Among 25 demographics measured, not a single one has a majority opposed to the idea of court-ordered shutterings of certain media. The groups most strongly opposed are Clinton voters and “other” voters last fall at just 42 percent apiece. Overall, a plurality of 43 percent of the population “hasn’t heard enough” to form an opinion yet about whether the state should be allowed to target news outlets for closure

There is simply no way to make this up.  But it does strongly reinforce my views that this nation is made up of simply put–under-educated people.  Who may get, finally, what they deserve for the slovenly way they handle this republic.

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