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Perspective On Trump Striking Against Transgenders

July 26, 2017

There’s something a lot more nefarious going on than most people realize.

Trump’s team specifically picked this day to bring discrimination back to our military for a reason because it represents an important political “military loss” to his White Supremist Base.

On this day in 1948, President Truman signed executive order 9981: desegregating the United States armed forces.  That is noted on my blog today in the upper right hand corner.  Trumps action is literally “signaling” to the KKK that Trump still loves their support.

There are thousands of transgender people already serving among the 1.3 million active-duty members of the military. These are people who have volunteered their service and have potentially put their lives on the line, and yet their President, who managed to come up with a flimsy doctor’s note back in the day when he could have served, denies them their dignity, their equality.

There is a special place that historians will place Trump. The way this nation regards President Andrew Johnson based on his time in office will be the way Trump too will be categorized.

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