Chief Koval’s Blog And The Crackdown On Criminal Element In Madison

Thanks to David Blaska for running this item up the flag pole so to alert many of us in Madison who are interested and concerned about policing matters.   Like Blaska, I too, find Madison Police Chief Mike Koval remarkable and worthy of praise.  Koval is now putting out the day’s police log via his on-line blog.

Blaska writes that “is genius in a bottle.”

He had been sending the recap to the mayor and common council members ever since the night from hell April 27 when his troops responded to six gunshot incidents in one night. I’ve long subscribed.

Now he’s making that same police briefing available to the citizenry. Informed is fore-armed!

What also got my attention on Monday was the plucky way Koval made it clear the months-long series of murders in Madison by low-life scum (my accurate assessment and not the term used by the Chief) is going to be dealt with by new determination.

Koval said he won’t allow a small group of people who resort to gun violence to put the rest of the city in danger. Police are going to be making more stops and more arrests to get violent people off the streets.  So if people are wanted for traffic offenses or warrants etc., and also are believed to be involved with gang violence and gun play the police are going to take “the gloves off.”

Madison residents and taxpayers are supportive of the news and confident that the police can return safety to the streets.

I was simply sickened to learn about two weeks ago a grandmother with a youngster had her home hit by a bullet from an out-of-control menace to society.  We simply can not, and will not turn our city over to the lowest common denominators.

Koval is right. The alpha dogs are needing to be turned loose.  As he said it has to “be manifestly clear that we are not going to let a couple dozen people hold a quarter of a million people hostage.”

I am proud of Chief Koval, and the others in our city who wear the blue uniform.  Now get the bastards locked up!

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