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Watch Sea Ice Levels Melting Over The Decades

August 1, 2017

Here  is a fascinating way to watch the melting of sea ice which has been occurring at an accelerating pace in our planet’s arctic regions. This is a moving plot of the loss of sea ice since 1978–the period of satellite ice measurements. When the plot lines fall inside the plot of previous year’s sea ice melt, it’s a sign the ice melt is in uncharted territory and that sea ice levels are below any previously observed over the 39 year observational period.

I also found this interesting.  The Associated Press has reported on how sea ice loss reinforces the planetary warming.

These reports and information all comes amid news of greater concern about a ice berg which has just calved from Greenland than was the case with the large Antarctic iceberg which captured headlines just several weeks ago. The Greenland iceberg is more directly tied to planetary warming and it, and others like it, will have more impact on sea level increases for reasons that are explained in this Scientific American article.

I would like to say happy reading but the topic is troubling. But we must be aware of the changing climate and the consequences to our planet.

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