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Awesome Book: “News Of The World” Will Charm Readers With Delightful Ten-Year-Old Leading The Way

August 3, 2017

When I turn the pages of a book it usually involves a biography or some chapter from history.  While I also read fiction I find they must be somehow standouts.  That is precisely what I discovered with News Of The World by Paulette Jiles.  Simply put it is an antidote to the current horrible headlines which dominate our lives.

I discovered this gem by browsing my favorite book catalog which arrives in the mailbox.  Daedalus Books wrote of Jiles’ book in such a way that I knew at once it had to be mine.  Now just days after it arrived the book has been finished and handed off to another reader.  The smile on my face remains!

News of the World places a grizzled former Army Captain, Jefferson Kidd, who has raised two daughter, roaming the country making a living reading to awe struck residents from the newspapers. He reads them stories of faraway countries and happenings around the world.  But then he is asked to undertake a journey to escort a 10 year old girl, captive for four years among the Kiowa, to her uncle and aunt. She’s the sole survivor from her immediate family, who were murdered in an Indian raid, and has few memories. Indeed, the young Johanna now sees herself as Kiowa, not white.

The writing is brilliant.  The place in life, where an old man and a child each try to find as their own, will charm, delight, and move anyone who picks this book up.   You will smile, I guarantee it. Try to prove me wrong on this one!

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