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My Dream Vacation Makes The News

August 8, 2017

I have had a decades-long dream to travel by camel into the Saudi desert, lay down the rugs, pitch the large tent, cook under the stars, feel the cool of the night take hold, wake to the rich coffee of the Bedouins, and take in the world so far removed from my norms.  Saudi Arabia has long fascinated me and the vacation I have briefly described is often mentioned around this home.    We are not packing for it this year, but someday I hope to make this happen.

With that in mind it is not hard to imagine the smile that crossed my face when reading this news story in the WSJ.

The heirs to the throne in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates hardly knew each other until they enjoyed a beloved Gulf pastime together—an overnight camping trip in the vast Saudi desert, accompanied by trained falcons and a small entourage.

The outing about a year and a half ago, equivalent to a round of presidential golf, was a turning point in the burgeoning friendship between Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the Saudi king, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the Emirati crown prince, according to people familiar with the excursion.


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