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OMG! I Agree With Donald Trump On Opioid Issue

August 9, 2017

President Trump met  yesterday with health officials and members of his administration to receive an update on the opioid crisis.  He said something I firmly believe.

Trump said the “best way to prevent drug addiction and overdose is to prevent people from abusing drugs in the first place.”

“If they don’t start, they won’t have a problem. If they do start, it’s awfully tough to get off.  So if we can keep them from going on — and maybe by talking to youth and telling them: ‘No good, really bad for you in every way.’ But if they don’t start, it will never be a problem.”


I am so tired of seeing news reports as was broadcast last night on NBC Evening News about a town in Ohio where the number of deaths from drug overdoses is setting records.  The coroner was interviewed in her lab and the stress about her job was evident.  The public price tag for such irresponsible behavior from those who abuse their bodies with drugs is stressful for the nation, too.

I am–to be honest–sick of the ones who have started down a dreadful path with drugs.  And my willingness to see large public expenditures made to combat it is thin.  I am not being heartless, but as reported last night, now cocaine and heron are bring laced with opioids to allow the drug users a higher bang for the money.  And taxpayers are to be gleeful?

Life has its ups and downs.  But what in hell is going on in someone’s head when they for the first time lift a needle or pop a pill or smoke whatever?  And how can this lack of self-control and out-right lack of sound judgement so be epidemic?

So Trump has to be agreed with when he says or does something that is correct.  I am never shy about making such a statement when it comes to the issue of drugs–which I know is a scourge on the public.

So yes, Trump has it right on this matter.

Drugs are no good!

  1. Purplepenquin permalink
    August 10, 2017 2:08 AM

    “Drugs are no good”

    …says the fella who named his blog after an addictive and deadly drug.

    (You do know more people have died from caffeine than marijuana, don’t ya? Unless, of course, you count the folks shot by the police for smoking the all-natural herb)

  2. August 9, 2017 12:57 PM

    Maybe Darwin’s law is playing out.

  3. Solly permalink
    August 9, 2017 12:12 PM

    Maybe he can enlist Nancy Reagan to lead the effort. “Just say no!” has a nice ring to it. And maybe a commercial with a frying pan and a couple of eggs. Oh, maybe Nancy’s not available. We’ve gone the superficial “No good!” route before. And what do you think about his emphasis on law enforcement? Can we arrest and imprison our way out of this public health emergency? That’s right, his commission wanted him to declare a national emergency, but he saw a shiny object and got off track, musta been fire and fury.

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