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Was Abby Driscoll Thinking When Voting For Donald Trump? Now Her Immigrant Labor Might Be Deported

August 15, 2017

The news story this weekend from the Center For Investigative Reporting, which was published in the Wisconsin State Journal, underscores a trend I have noticed over the past months.

I have friends on Facebook who were proud to announce they supported and voted for President Trump.  Then the chaos and crazy was put in over-drive from the White House and some are surprised this all could be happening.  How could this be!  Others on-line say they can not even watch the news.

Mom would surely say, ‘you bought it, you own it.’

Along a desolate country road in northeastern Wisconsin, Manuel Estrada speeds toward work in his rumbling silver Ford SUV. He’s running late for his predawn shift. And he’s worried.

His boss is counting on him; she’s been down a worker for a month. More than 400 Holstein cows stand blinking, waiting to be milked. His family needs the paycheck from his $11.50-per-hour job.

And Estrada, 30, hopes the police aren’t waiting for him too.

It’s a risk he runs regularly during his 15-minute commute from his home in Manitowoc, about 80 miles north of Milwaukee, to the 150-year-old family dairy farm where he’s worked for two years. While he hasn’t been a perfect driver since he entered the country illegally 13 years ago, he has avoided any real trouble with police. From past traffic stops, he said, cops do know he shouldn’t be driving a car.

Estrada is an unlicensed driver, and the route passing through one of the top dairy-producing counties in the nation is his pressure point because, if he’s picked up by police, he could have an even bigger worry than a traffic ticket.

But he is in the country illegally, and that’s what matters under President Donald Trump’s agenda to ramp up deportations. Estrada’s boss, Abby Driscoll, said she can’t imagine the dread that Estrada and other employees face each day not knowing whether they’ll make it to or from work.

“I was expecting some things to happen when I voted for Trump,” she said. “As far as all of his immigration policies, I guess I wasn’t expecting it to go as far as it did already.”

The ones who cast a ballot for Trump and are now concerned about what may happen as a result of their irresponsible actions are simply stupefying to read about or watch on the news.   Words from the likes of Driscoll are mighty upsetting for the majority of Americans who took the time to read and understand the implications of casting a serious vote in November 2016.

Whatever motivated her vote last year it clearly was not aimed at protecting immigrants in this nation.  While Driscoll knew her labor was coming from one who was in the country illegally she at the same time saddled herself to the most immigrant bashing and xenophobic candidate ever in American history to run for president.

Driscoll’s odd way of conducting her business model on the one hand, and her vote on the other makes her one of the best examples yet of why education, civics, and ethics in our nation matter.  And what happens when they are discarded.

Being a responsible voter is not something that can be shucked aside like a bunch of manure.  Mature and reasoned citizens can make all the difference in a nation.  And as we have seen so can the under-educated.

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