CNN Correctly Said No To Airing Trump Campaign Ad

Though it creates another opportunity for President Trump to lash out at the media in ways that mimic Joseph Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union, the recent action by CNN was necessary.

Yesterday Trump’s re-election campaign accused CNN of censorship, alleging the network turned down a paid campaign advertisement released Sunday.  What the trump campaign neglected to mention is that in the ad, media figures, including a slew of CNN’s TV journalists, were labeled “the president’s enemies.”   Just one pair of jackboots away from saying what the Trump Team really wish to say.

CNN has said it will “accept the ad if the images of reporters and anchors are removed.”

As it should be.

There is no responsible political operation–regardless of its partisan nature–who has the right to think attacking a most important part of our democracy is in anyway appropriate.  Given that journalists are more important to a republic than a standing army, and that there is so much violence bring promoted by this White House, it then goes without saying airing an ad that attacks the media is a non-starter.

Please note that as this story was playing out Trump also rightly drew criticism Tuesday for sharing a cartoon photo of a “Trump” train running over a man meant to represent a CNN reporter. Knowing that is was inciting violence that tweet was removed soon after it was posted.

The meme was similar to one Trump re-tweeted in July, which featured Trump at a wrestling event smacking down a man with a CNN logo superimposed on his head.

There is no need to ramp up the bile and vinegar from the Trump team that is only meant to create outrage form their base which doesn’t know better.

2 thoughts on “CNN Correctly Said No To Airing Trump Campaign Ad

  1. onevote

    Making Elvis some kind of American icon is highly questionable. Big business has never been my icon. Look, we get you’re from the country and want smiles on everyone’s faces.
    I agree, CNN is artificial reality, as is MSNBC.

    I am not praying for a Commie takeover, just decent relations between workers and management. Workers should not have to be put ito the place of being slaves to the corporation. It’s not that hard to follow….

  2. Thanks for the comment. Kinda mashed together from various posts–but all the same–thanks. I am very much a city guy and have lived in an urban setting since 1982. A city since 1986. And for the past 10 years in the HEART of Madison. As to Elvis–well he IS an American icon. I just happen to think he is still the coolest of then all.

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