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Elvis And The Presidents

August 16, 2017

As we observe the passing of Elvis Presley (August 16) I thought these three pictures would be a perfect posting to this blog.  Along with a memory from First Lady Laura Bush shared about her husband President George Bush.

During the 2004 Teacher of the Year Award presentation Laura Bush told the crowd the following story.

Each of you are remarkable teachers, and you’re also role models and friends, and sometimes even surrogate parents. You listen, you challenge, you motivate and mentor. And you inspire children to believe that they can do anything, or be anything they want — even if they dream of becoming Elvis – (laughter) — which was one little boy’s hope who grew up in Midland, Texas. In the late 1950s, many children across the country dreamed of being just like Elvis. (Laughter.) And one little student found the inspiration to follow his dream in his 4th grade music class.

One day, my mother-in-law, Barbara Bush, received a call from the school principal, who said that George was in his office. She was shocked. George was a perfect student who was well-behaved and earned straight A’s. She hurried to Sam Houston Elementary determined to give the principal a piece of her mind. But Barbara had to bite her tongue when the principal reported that George had disrupted his music class. In true Elvis fashion, he’d taken a piece of charcoal and drawn sideburns and then tried to perform for the other children. (Laughter.)

Elvis and Laura’s father-in-law President George H.W. Bush met Elvis in 1973.

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