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Fellow Blogger Writes Of Need For President Trump To Step Down For Sake Of Nation

August 17, 2017

My on-line friend and fellow blogger, Peter Felknor, presented a most compelling read over at Schmaltz und Grieban.  

Tony was a wonderful guy to be around, except when he’d been drinking–which, as we went through high school together, was more and more of the time. Once he’d had a couple of beers, Tony was that guy who couldn’t control his mouth, always saying the first words that came into his mind with absolutely no governor. Case in point: He once approached a table full of off-duty Marines with the words, “You guys think you’re so tough.” I bailed at that point, having been pointlessly beaten by the police a few weeks earlier when Tony threw a typewriter at them.

Those Marines whupped Tony’s sorry ass. But did he learn from that experience? Of course not. I finally figured out that I could not be around Tony if he’d had even one beer.

Tony used to say awful things about blacks and Hispanics when he’d been drinking. I always called him on it. Unlike me, Tony had never known any blacks or Hispanics, so he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. But I still felt it was my duty to call him out and try to enlighten him.

That was Tony. Now it’s the President of the United States. I should not have to explain to a grown man how cruel his comments were, especially one who holds the highest office in the land.


Look at it this way. Trump’s closest natural allies — the CEOs of companies like Merck, Intel, Walmart, and IBM — somehow found the courage to directly confront the President on his noxious statements and disassociate themselves from him. Ditto (incredibly) the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who normally — and generally wisely — don’t involve themselves with politics. But Trump can’t find the courage to admit how deeply wrong he was. Instead, he goes prattling on and on about “beautiful” Confederate statuary and how those CEOs are mere “grandstanders.”

This man is no more fit to be President than my old friend Tony. Donald Trump should step down immediately, before he does any further damage to this country.

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