Jerry Lewis, King Of Timeless Comedy, Dies At 91

Like most Americans the memories of Jerry Lewis runs through my mind today.  From the old movies that I from time to time saw on my grandparents television when I was boy, the caring humanitarian that made Labor Days more than just a time to picnic with the family, to his wildly hilarious live show I attended at the Madison Civic Center the memories are crisp and meaningful. I truly had tears in my eyes from laughing when Lewis took the stage in the 1990’s and count that night as one where I saw living legend.

Today the man who gave the gift of humor to folks worldwide died at the age of 91.

Over the recent years I have noted, each Labor Day how I missed Lewis on his telethon where he had given his heart and soul to each year.  Last year I penned the following.

If you are like me than perhaps you too opened up the Sunday newspaper and noticed the Parade section did not have the face of a sweet child on its cover.  For so many years of my life the poster child for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon was front and center as a way to call attention to the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual telethon to raise money and awareness of the disease.  Watching the telethon was always a part of the Labor Day weekend as much as picnics and frolicking in the sunshine.

My deep respect for Jerry Lewis as a humanitarian is as strong now as ever.  His compassion and strong sense of making sure the world can be a better place tomorrow by the actions we take today remains his legacy.

That is how I wish to sum up the life of this man who will forever remain a part of our smiles.  The very ones he has created.

Godspeed, Jerry.  We love you.

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