Conservatives Need To Just Admit Debt Ceiling Must Be Passed

There is one thing that no one can honestly dismiss.  The nations’s borrowing limit needs to be lifted in the next month or two.  But what should concern all is that House and Senate Republicans along with the Trump administration have no plan or strategy in mind on how to accomplish this matter.  That news came out this week and makes anyone who follows markets queasy.

The reason is that all are skittish about how the most conservative base in the House will act.  They want some policy concessions as a deal for their vote.  That is unacceptable.  Even this White House is urging a clean bill.  And so it should be.  Must be.

Rumors afloat have a plan where the Senate will pass a clean debt ceiling increase and jam the House with it.  That is one way and should be a workable one if members in the House were truly interested in governing.  Since the most conservative has continually demonstrated they are more interested in partisanship than sound management means  the idea mentioned could be seen as too risky.

But all should take note of what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.  “There is zero chance — no chance — we will not raise the debt ceiling.”

The only question is how unseemly the GOP conservatives will make the process become before the matter is resolved.

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