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“Dean And Me” By Jerry Lewis Makes For Bittersweet Read

August 24, 2017

Over the past several days I read one of those books that has been on my shelves waiting for the perfect time to open the cover.  The recent death of Jerry Lewis was the impetus to take in, Dean And Me, the story of how two geniuses found each other and struck the magic spell America was seeking following World War II.   Having been a Jerry Lewis fan since my movie-watching years started I was truly struck with how he bared his soul about being lonely as a boy and into his adult years, needing a ‘big brother’, and how Dean Martin was far more than just the other half of an entertainment duo.

As the pages turned I found myself at times laughing out loud and in a spirited way as this memoir at times was simply hilarious.  But then it could be mighty moving and tragic, too.    There were so many powerful stories all told with warmth, what surely was penned with some gut honesty, and a mature view of the past which comes with age.  Lewis gives a view of his life and how Martin became a part of it from the springtime in 1946 to their sad and touching final meeting in a restaurant.  It really was a 50-year love story.   I am so glad to have had it on my shelves to read this week.


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