Where Was Zoning Policy In Houston Before Hurricane Harvey?

There is no doubt at all that emergency money will need to be appropriated to help rebuild Houston, America’s fourth-largest city, after this massive storm.  While compassion and dollars are most needed at this time we also must be aware of the decades-long lack of regulations regarding zoning in Houston. Some consequences of this storm are now playing out which were created due to past scorning of policies which could have alleviated some of the current suffering.

Regulations are a good thing, and now some are becoming painfully aware of that fact. Perhaps even some conservatives in congress will now understand as they provide large amounts of money to rebuild and restore people’s lives how much smarter and cheaper it would have been to not have willfully destroyed wet lands and allowed for pavement to be stretched over a massive area without regard to proper zoning.

Voters have elected to reject any efforts to pass zoning laws in Houston three different times in the past century. Today, Houston is the largest city in the country with no regulation.  Those votes against regulations were selfish and allowed for that city to be one of the most poorly designed in the nation.

Now Houston is in dire need of the nation’s help.  I fully grasp that need and the human pain that people there are feeling.  But should not the nation that now will pay for the process of renewable also have a right to demand accountability and demand that Houston have a zoning policy moving forward?

2 thoughts on “Where Was Zoning Policy In Houston Before Hurricane Harvey?

  1. Solly

    The same type of Texass zoning that placed an elementary school and nursing home next to a chemical plant that exploded a couple years ago. Can’t wait for the conservative congressmen that voted against Hurricane Sandy aid to plop they asses in front of the cameras and demand some of that money from the federal gubment. You know, the same one they were afraid had troops in the basements of Wal-Mart’s to invade them

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