Donald Trump Shows How Not To Be Presidential

When President Lincoln traveled to Gettysburg he did so not only as a military Commander-in-Chief but also as the President of the people of the United States.  Such a mission required that he be more than a military tactician and instead search for the larger meaning of the battle and horrific number of dead and speak to the people.  The battle had taken place in July and as Lincoln spoke in the fall there were still bodies piled and covered in lime powder.   His words were short but never forgotten.    They have resonated more over time than when he spoke them but there was no doubt he was one with the people who he served as their leader.

Yesterday President Trump visited Texas and there could not have been a farther distance in the tone and language of leadership from what Lincoln displayed had it been written in a Hollywood script.

As rescuers continued their exhausting and heartbreaking work in southeastern parts of Texas, and the storm was only hours from making its third landfall, and a reservoir near Houston spilled over Trump played to only one person.


Trump grabbed a microphone to address hundreds of supporters who had gathered outside a firehouse near Corpus Christi and were chanting: ‘USA! USA! USA!’ ‘Thank you, everybody,” the president said, sporting one of the white ‘USA’ caps that are being sold on his campaign website for $40.  Simply tone-deaf on every level!

Trump played to his ego and said, “I just want to say: We love you. You are special…. What a crowd. What a turnout.”

It needs to be noted that this trip from Trump never even came close to a single storm victim, nor did he see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street. He was there for cheap ratings. I was heartened to see how some of the networks handled his quick minutes on the ground and gave him almost no air time (NBC Evening News).

There is no empathy gene in Trump and that was clear when he never once mentioned a dead police officer following his drowning, the tens of thousands who are homeless and in shelters.  There was no word for the grieving families who have lost loved ones to the storm.

But thankfully he was wearing merchandise for sale that will benefit him!

It is moments like this when we are able to reflect on our history and place true presidential leadership–the type Lincoln displayed–alongside those such as Trump who try to play a leadership role and wind up looking small and inferior.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Shows How Not To Be Presidential

  1. Pkarm

    If he went into the flood zone you would have whined he was using up valuable resources that could be saving lives. If he had not gone you would have whined he was insensitive to the victims. it does not matter to the left they are going to stay pissed that a bad candidate beat a horrible candidate that should have been a landslide win for uer

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