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Thank You Assemblyman Peter Barca For A Job Well Done!

September 7, 2017

State Representative Peter Barca has taken more on the chin than perhaps any other person should have to when it comes to his correct position on Foxconn.  I guess we all knew it was coming but still it feels mighty sad to hear that Barca has decided to step down from his minority leadership position in the state assembly.

I knew and worked with Barca at the statehouse when he was in the assembly prior to his time as a congressman.  Throughout his legislative career he has been a smart man and connected to the facts of the issues up for debate.  He fully grasped the policy details and then made the right call on Foxconn.

The ones without pragmatism who have beat on Barca over this job creation deal are the same types–just from the other end of the divide–who voted for Trump.  Everyone knows the workplace is changing, technology is advancing, and the ways and means that governments use to attract new business is being played in a far more dynamic way.  Last fall Hillary did not explain these issues well, and Trump just confused the whole matter.  The nation from both ends seem at a loss of understanding the massive restructuring that is taking place in the country.  And when it comes to the folks on the left I feel they willfully do not care to understand.

Barca should be applauded and in time he will be proven to be correct about his vote concerning Foxconn.  I  am sorry to see him leave his post and this most likely means this will be his last term. I want to say thanks to Peter for being a classy and smart man. I only wish we had about 20 more like him in Madison!

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  1. Solly permalink
    September 9, 2017 4:12 PM

    And I have no use for Gordy Hintz either. When he was chair of the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee and Diamond Jim was governor, and an investigative reporter was researching the incompetent department of ag, trade and consumer non-protection, Hintz’ office was making fun of the reporter in emails and casting aspersions on his sexuality (very progressive, progressive dumbs) instead of addressing the problems of the department. You know, we gotta protect our sonofab1tch.

  2. Solly permalink
    September 9, 2017 4:07 PM

    We might have 20 more like him if we didn’t have a series of incompetent Dumbocrat leaders. You can go back to Tommy “we only contest seats we think we can win” Loftus for the decline of the D majority of 67 in the Assembly in the 70s to 37 today. The repugnants know how to use power repugnantly. The Dumbs try to be bi-partisan and practice Kumbaya.

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