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Where Does Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill Stand This Morning?

September 25, 2017

Slip, sliding away………

Health-policy experts are still struggling to make sense of this hodgepodge of different senators’ health-care demands, and it’s hard to see how it brings any of the lawmakers closer to “yes.” Collins hasn’t officially said she’s a “no,” but the Post reported that Republicans are “once again privately pessimistic the changes would convince her to vote yes.” McCain has been calling for a return to “regular order” and releasing a new bill six days before the voting deadline accomplishes the opposite. The Congressional Budget Office already said it would only be able to provide a “preliminary assessment” before the vote, and now they’re working on an outdated bill.

So the new Graham-Cassidy probably isn’t going anywhere, but as Trump predicted, “Eventually we’ll win, whether it’s now or later.” Trump hasn’t even been in office for a year, and Republicans have shown an astounding drive to pass legislation that only right-wing billionaires want. Imagine what our health-care system would look like if Republican senators were half as determined to fix it as they are to destroy it.

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