Most Laughable Newspaper Headline Today

Unless he means premenstrual he is NOT ready.  Seriously, it is time for the Tory Party to grow up as Corbyn must never be allowed to serve at PM.  Imagine Bernie Sanders x2. (Yes, that bad.)

2 thoughts on “Most Laughable Newspaper Headline Today

  1. onevote

    Few U.S. Dems care for the olde Clinton-Blair “Third Way”. It’s disastrous. Just maybe that’s why there’s low voter turnout.

    Sanders, hardly as much as Corbyn, are lefties, apparently a big sin at this website, as well as mass media. Sanders would bring back a “democratic socialist” influence much like when Milwaukee had mayors 20th century (think Hoan and Zeidler) that let capitalism work, was regulated to be fair to account for social concerns. Note that during this period Milwaukee had it’s best, most socially equal economy, and had sustained it’s largest populations.

    Yes, there was pizza, apple pie, and beer before the arrival of Clinton, Blair, and Milwaukee mayor Henry Maier. Think about it.

  2. Onevote,

    I am a liberal and a proud one. But where I differ with Sanders is that my politics and liberalism is based on pragmatism. I also like fiscal accountability. I am also most leery of populism run amok.

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