CBS News’ Bob Schieffer “About the News” Places Me Further Into 21st Century

As I have mentioned to my Facebook friends this summer another step was taken which placed me in the 21st century when I obtained an iPad.   I love technology but use it smartly in that I do not allow it to remove the parts of the past which I find warm and pleasant.  As such I still read printed newspapers and books, play albums, and live in a home where our phone is a land line.  We have no cell phone and I am totally pleased that James agrees that we do not need to be always connected via social media with others.  That is what the message machine on the desk is for.  In fact, the rotating messages we create makes for some laughter as those who call fully know.  At present there is a Country Time lemonade opening—given all the nice weather we have experienced in Madison.

But I do love computers, and all the ways technology has allowed curious people–which I count myself as being among–to dive in and learn about a never-ending list of topics.  So the iPad is nothing short of a wonderful world of apps which provides weather data, maps galore, news from every source under the sun, crossword puzzles, video capabilities, and last but not least, CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on a podcast.

Today after  mowing and working on the lawn I showered and grabbed a cup of coffee to enjoy while sitting outside.  I took the iPad and it was there I listened to my first podcast.  Ever.  CBS News’ Bob Schieffer along with H. Andrew Schwartz,  conduct a wide variety of news and political conversations on  “About the News”.   I went back to March and heard one of my favorite columnists, The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Seib, speak about the era of Trump and how it impacts journalism.

Schieffer, as always, comes with decades of institutional memory from both broadcasting and a political perspective.  As I listened to the truly interesting and thoughtful conversation I wondered what the news veteran thinks of the speed with which news is now transmitted via various platforms and how that speed has affected governing.  After all, there was a time when an action happened and leaders had the ability to think and deliberate prior to being sought out for a reaction.   I strongly suspect he would agree that while we have made gains we also have paid a price.

I am more conscious than ever of how much information is available with a touch of the finger and how many curious pursuits can be easily followed.  The problem is technology has not added an extra day to the week.  And when I asked Siri–which I changed to a male voice–about such a quandary he offered web sites on the history of time.  Perhaps I just need a more artful way of asking him.  Until then I have many more ways to stay busy after taking this latest step into the 21st century.

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