What To Say At The End Of This Day When 59 People Were Murdered In Las Vegas By Guns?

I just talked with a neighbor who said I sounded like I have allergies.  I told her that I was instead simply exhausted and my voice is reflecting my mood.  I am weighed down over the slaughter of my fellow Americans today, the lowering of the flag at our home, the countless people I talked with as they passed our way as we all agreed nothing will change in our land with the stupefying ignorance that too many have about their Second Amendment ‘rights’.   Trying to wade through it all makes me wish to tell three-thumbers that it is not as if the guns today are the muskets that the Founding Fathers knew of where the gunpowder and ball had to be tamped down each time a shot was taken. There is no way to take the Second Amendment and try to torture it into the twisted mindset of conservatives who wish to see the slaughter continue in this land.  And I truly believe they do as they never work to stop it.  Just talk to the average dimwitted angry white person and I swear they see all sorts of scenarios where they require a weapon.  I am thinking as this day closes many of them were simply potty-trained at gunpoint!

As I read the articles and columns that are pouring forth over this outrage–both about the shooting and all those Americans who have let this happen to our nation–this  popped up over the others for making the point of how I feel.  Aside from telling the lizard Wayne LaPierre to shove his sorry ass back under the rock from where he was hatched the following was perfectly toned.  This below does not make me feel better–nor will it aid you tonight in calming down.  But it so succinctly sums up where my thoughts are as we close out the day.

So far, all signs are that it was just a guy—just one more American killer who got his hands on some collection of weapons designed for the sole purpose of killing people, and who then killed people. We know that if it was a Muslim with a foreign name, we would be in full panic mode and all we would be hearing about is the ever-greater dangers of terrorism. Indeed, the killings in France, on Sunday, which were surely terrorism, have already begun to attract that kind of attention from the right wing here. But when it happens here, what we’re told by the entire power structure of American life—both houses of Congress, the White House, and now the Supreme Court, locked and loaded to sustain the absurd and radical pro-gun ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller—is that there is nothing at all to be done, save to pray.

NRA Loving That Stock Prices Up For Gun Manufactures

Sometimes the harsh truth comes in the strangest of forms.

As Coffins Are Ordered In Las Vegas….





America Needs To Own Killing Of 58 In Las Vegas Shooting

This nation awoke to the blood and horror of another mass shooting. The news from last night was simply stunning and shockingly sad.

More than 50 people were killed and over 400 were injured when a gunman opened fire on concertgoers from a perch above the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Too many deranged, stupid, and irresponsible people who should never be allowed to ever own a gun have every opportunity to have not only one, but as many deadly weapons as they wish.  Along with unlimited ammunition.

But the news today–in spite of its harshness–can not come as any real surprise.  After all, this nation allows for such behavior to occur due to our acceptance of the NRA buying and controlling elected officials.  We kneel down to NRA talking points and worship at the shrine of the less-educated in the nation who spout their version of the Second Amendment.  As such mass shootings are happening with regularity.   Mass shootings are defined as one in which four or more people selected indiscriminately, not including the perpetrator, are killed.

Once again I call for sanity regarding the matter of gun control.  The conversation that is needed and the action required to be taken revolves around the number of guns that get manufactured in this nation, how gun shows are allowed to operate, the number of guns that one can purchase as well as the number and type of bullets. There is a whole series of actions that can take place legislatively to curtail the gun slaughter that this nation witnesses far too often.

But since too many fall silent or continue to play ball with the NRA there is nothing else to say except that America needs to own what happened in Las Vegas last night.