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Shouldn’t Las Vegas Gun Victims Have Same Health Care Coverage As Congressman Scalise?

October 7, 2017

There is no way to separate the needs of the victims of the horrific gun violence which took place this week in Las Vegas from those that impacted Republican Congressman Steve Scalise when he was shot earlier this year.  All the victims needed extensive and very costly health care.  The difference of course was that the congressman had the best of care with little personal injury to his wallet while some from the Vegas shooting are facing financial mountains to climb.

Victims of the Las Vegas shooting are facing mounting medical bills that could add up to in excess of $771 million (US$600 million), according to one expert who said the cost will be “beyond staggering.”

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation expert Ted Miller told Newsweek the Las Vegas tragedy will likely cost more than $771 million in terms of medical bills, mental healthcare, physical therapy, loss of income and police work following the crisis.

Canadian Hudson Mack is also wondering what his bill will be after his 21-year old son Sheldon was caught up during a birthday visit to the US done without travel insurance.  Sheldon has had his colon removed but is now out of intensive care and doctors may leave bullet fragments in his arm.

Perhaps Congressman Scalise cares to propose an answer?

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