Quote Of The Day Has Truth Of The Day

Senator Corker traded jabs with Donald Trump in a series of tweets today, with the president saying the Tennessee Republican “didn’t have the guts to run” for re-election. Trump said Corker decided not to run again after Trump refused his pleas for an endorsement.  Always needing to look bigger than his hands are……

But Corker fired back, tweeting that “the White House has become an adult day care center” and that “someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”


And we have a winner for quote of the day by the Tennessee Senator.

Two Reasons GOP Congressman Steve Scalise Is Simply Deplorable

There is no way to write this post without gut honesty.  Republican Congressman Steve Scalise is one mighty deplorable person.

Today the House Majority Whip, who is still recovering from his wounds after a gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress in June, told Chuck Todd in an exclusive interview for “Meet the Press” that he still stands behind an unlimited right to bear arms.

When asked if he believed the right to bear arms was “unlimited,” Scalise said: “It is, it is.”  The results of Republicans advocate for are more gun deaths and injuries which cost Americans hefty medical bills--at the same time the GOP is working to undermine health care coverage in the nation!

Then there is the matter of who helped saved his sorry ass and the way this conservative is repaying her.

A lesbian police officer helped save Scalise after the shooting but he is still going to work to undermine her dignity.  Scalise is still planning to speak at a conference for an anti-gay group.   He will address the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit on Oct. 13 in Washington, D.C. The three–thumbers at the conference are anti-abortion, anti-gay but doubtless still insist on marrying their cousins and treeing raccoons on Saturday nights.

I had hoped there might be a Saul-type moment for Scalise after his shooting.  But when one has no moral center and devoid of critical thinking skills it results in someone not caring for gun policy after being shot and then undermining someone who helped saved his life.


Theresa May Is Safe…For Now

Six months ago I would not have predicted such a solidifying of the party behind Britain’s Prime Minister May.  The developments over the past days has really turned months of thinking around.  She is still weak and her future doubtful but today she can smile.

This is because a parade of big beasts stepped out this weekend to endorse May after the failed attempt by former Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps to launch a coup. There was Boris Johnson in the Sunday Telegraph, Liam Fox in the Sunday Express, John Major in the Mail on Sunday, Iain Duncan Smith and Craig Oliver in the Sun.  Prevailing wisdom in the party is that, as Oliver puts it, any leadership election now — with Brexit unresolved and Labour buoyant — “would result in bloodshed and highlight division.”

That underscores my thinking in that is not to say May has restored her authority, but, as she herself told the Sunday Times: “My feelings can be hurt, like everyone else, but I am pretty resilient.”

But the nation might want leadership, too, Mrs. May.