This Is What Happens When A Man Is Not Faithful To One Wife

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman assailed Ivana Trump on Monday after Ivana, President Donald Trump’s first wife, quipped in an interview that she was the real “first lady.”

“There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex,” Melania Trump’s spokeswoman said. “Unfortunately, only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

Ivana Trump, who is promoting her memoir “Raising Trump,” was married to Donald Trump from 1977 to 1992.

Americans Opposed To Trump And His Unconstitutional Views With NFL Over Free Speech

A very costly trip to taxpayers was nothing more than a tawdry political stunt when Vice President Pence flew from Las Vegas to Indiana only to stay for a few minutes knowing full well he would leave in a fake-huff to board his plane to then fly all the way out to California.  Pence left in a fake-huff during the Indianapolis Colts game to protest players kneeling during the national anthem. The episode was a pre-planned publicity stunt designed to fan the flames of outrage among Trump’s base–a base not keen on reading or grasping constitutional principles.  But those silly people will not know when they work at their jobs how much they toil to pay taxes for such lunacy.  They will just continue to clap for Trump.   Yes, indeed, some people are that stupid.

It comes as no surprise that President Trump has been met with criticism from many Americans this last week for his response to Hurricane Maria. He was simply a national embarrassment.  But he also gets strong negative ratings for his response to the latest football controversy – the protests by some National Football League players during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, only 30% of the public approves of the way he wishes to stir a pot that does not in any way require his attention.


Why Does The Republican Party Allow Its Destruction By Donald Trump?

Many Republicans will not say it but there is growing evidence within their party that President Trump is not fit to serve in the office.  I, along with others, firmly believe that a mental health issue has a hold on Trump, and it requires medical attention.  There is just no way to otherwise rationally explain the words and actions of Trump.

Republicans who want to shape policy have zero runs on the scoreboard after nearly 10 months in office.  And with the totally deranged attacks on Senator Bob Corker this weekend by Trump any major policy wins for the remainder of the year are now off the table.   While the base of the party who supports Trump remains in the low 30% range, and the rest of the party knows governing is not possible with such a low approval number, then leaves the the rest of the nation–the vast majority–to reflect on what Trump has done to so damage the Republican Party.  And why so many of the regular party members around the nation are not more vocal about what they see happening in front of their eyes.

The Washington Post has a major story today breaking down the serious flaws of Trump, and why the GOP is being severely short-changed.

1) Trump is unserious about passing legislation.

2) Trump has alienated several Senate Republicans that he needs more than they need him. 

) Trump cares more about showmanship than statesmanship.

4) Trump still does not understand how government works.

5) The president’s credibility is shot in Washington.