Why Would The NRA Want Just Anyone To Be Able To Buy Incendiary Bullets?

The majority of Americans know the following is pure insanity.  NO ONE should have access to these types of ammunition–yet the NRA demands they be allowed for sale.

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock fired special incendiary bullets at a 43,000-barrel airport fuel tank in what investigators believe was an attempt to cause an explosion.  Those types of rounds, meant to ignite what they hit, were found inside Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and near the fuel tank a short distance away on the grounds of McCarran International Airport.

Will Trump Become Even More Erratic At GOP Civil War Builds?

The insiders both from the political world and from reporters who keep the nation abreast of the news all say Sen. Bob Corker’s comments about President Trump–which has electrified the nation and has sent Washington reeling with intrigue–might also have another outcome.  News accounts today revealed more about the overly thin-skinned Trump who is now wishing to compare his IQ with that of Secretary of State Tillerson.  Staffers in the White House report that Trump is livid over being called a “******* moron” and made yet again the butt of jokes on national television.  There is surely a head of orange steam brewing within Trump as all know, and openly confide within the corridors of power, that Corker’s criticism of the president’s leadership and strategic thinking has drawn lots of quiet affirmation.

Many in the Republican Party are now hearing in public what so many have said in private.  That is Trump is a raving incompetent.  But will all this only make the mentally unstable Trump lash out even more and therefore make himself even more a cause for the party to joins ranks and take action.  Even now Trump has ramped up the insanity on Twitter as his relationships with his senior-most aides are fraying.

This is bad for our democracy and political institutions.  Americans who voted for this mess can not be smiling.  But this is what they gave to our nation, all the same.

How Adults In White House Are Trying To Handle The Mental Case

From Vanity Fair. 

This is an insightful read concerning the chaos and crazy in the White House taking place due to Donald Trump.

“According to conversations with four prominent Republicans close to the White House, Trump has grown frustrated with Kelly in recent weeks at what he sees as Kelly’s highhandedness. ‘They’re fighting a lot,’ one source explained. The most recent flashpoint was Kelly’s decision late last month to reassign Peter Navarro, Trump’s nationalist trade adviser, to report to Gary Cohn, without first clearing it with Trump. According to two sources familiar with the matter, Navarro bumped into Trump in the West Wing and explained that Kelly had reassigned him to work for Cohn, which was news to the president. ‘Trump was like, what the fuck? He told Navarro, “You’re my guy and hang in there,”’ said a source briefed on the conversation. The source said Trump has taken up the matter with Kelly.”

“According to two sources, Kelly has developed a Mar-a-Lago strategy to prevent Trump from soliciting advice from members and friends. (In February, Trump turned his dinner table into an open-air Situation Room when North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile.) Sources briefed on Kelly’s plans said he will attempt to keep Trump ‘out of the dining room.’ The plan looks sound on paper—but, to his staff, Trump can be a formidable adversary.”