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Trump Voters In Red Counties Just Took A Direct Hit–Should America Even Care?

October 12, 2017

President Donald Trump plans to end the cost-sharing subsidies that have helped some lower-income Americans purchase health insurance on the Obamacare marketplace.  The subsidies have required a monthly payment approved by Trump, which until now have gone forward. The White House has said it would consider each month’s payment on an individual basis.

The move has the potential to dramatically increase costs for some Obamacare customers. It’s the latest step taken by Trump to dismantle aspects of the signature health law signed by his predecessor.

We all have heard and seen the Trump voters who while being interviewed railed against Obamacare but once told that it was really called the Affordable Care Act they looked stunned.  Too many Trump voters have been easily deluded and led to think anything done by President Obama (a black man) must be bad.

Now in a truly backhanded slap to those economically poor Trump voters in red counties all over the nation they are about to truly feel the folly of their misplaced vote.   And in time their plight will be hitting hard and they will complain why the media is not reporting enough about their anger over Trump’s move.  And they will have to answer how it is that Trump was elected which caused their pain.  Mirrors will be given to those voters and reporters should take photos.

While this is a most dreadful policy move that will undermine the insurance market and cause premiums to soar it will take some really gut-wrenching story to sway many towards any empathy regarding the voters who created this national disgrace called the Trump White House.

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