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NFL Will NOT Demand Players Stand For National Anthem

October 14, 2017

This is only news for those who have not followed the legal talk over the past few days.  What I like shaping up over this matter is a way to raise awareness of why some players take a knee during the national anthem.  After all, why should black players provide so much playing time for white people and not have their message better heard and understood?

“The NFL said it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week,” Reuters reports.

Said spokesman Joe Lockhart: “Commissioner Roger Goodell has a plan that he is going to present to owners about how to use our platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country. What we don’t have is a proposal that changes our policy, we don’t have something that mandates anything. That’s clear. If that was the case I doubt the head of the NFLPA would have put a joint statement out with us.”

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