More Proof Trump Voters Are Just Plain Stupid

There is no way to be this dumb.  Right?  You should not be surprised to know the answer is Trump voters are this dumb.

Residents of a flood-ravaged Houston neighborhood illustrate a divide over how much support the government should give to the U.S. territory, sometimes mistakenly viewed as a separate nation.

Some supporters of the president agree with Trump. “They should stay where they are (in other words keep those dark-skinned people out of  the lower 48) and fix their own country up,” one resident said, adding that Puerto Ricans’ “lack of responsibility is not an emergency on my part.”  (You might know the article reports some of these types of comments coming from so-called Christians.)

But others are appalled by how the president talks about Puerto Rico and say the United States has a moral obligation to take care of all its citizens.

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