Why Did Donald Trump Get Away With What Harvey Weinstein Did Not?

The Washington Post poses the questions many Americans are asking.

Washington Post: “The Weinstein scandal, which has featured graphic accounts of assault from a string of celebrity accusers, has sparked a national debate about sexual harassment. Many women, inspired by a #MeToo campaign, have taken to social media to tell their own stories, and calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline have risen sharply.”

“But for Trump’s accusers, the renewed debate offers a reminder that their allegations did not have the same effect.”

“Trump, unlike Weinstein, was able to deflect their claims — despite the disclosure of a video in which he was heard bragging about the kind of behavior some of the women had alleged. Trump has never followed through with his vow to sue his accusers or produce the ‘substantial evidence’ he said would refute their claims.”

Because we know he is full of crap and has no proof as he claims.

Elvis Song Sang In Response To Bigoted Protester At University Of Maine

This blog is written by a true Elvis fan and a gay man in a 17-year partnership.    So when this story was noted by Rolf–and Hat Tip to him–I knew at once it needed to be posted.  This is just perfect and almost one that might have come from a Hollywood script.  Instead, it comes from the home state of where my partner, James, grew up.

Students at the University of Maine had the perfect response when a homophobe showed up on campus this week.  He was there to protest the start of the university’s Coming Out Week events.  As such he brandished a sign condemning ‘sexual immorality’ and condemning homosexuality.

But the protester did not bargain with the dozens of students who showed up ready to oppose his message.  They resisted him not through violence, but through music.

As the man attempted to spread his message of hate, the students responded with love, breaking into an a capella cover of Elvis song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’.


The King lives on!

Senator Graham This Is How To Pronounce “Niger”

This week, thanks to CNN for asking a question about the American soldiers killed during a military mission in Niger, the Trump Administration is being forced to respond.  The awkward lack of honestly from Trump regarding his contact with the families of the dead soldiers, and then the tortured way be talked to those in emotional pain made for endless news cycles.  Once again Trump stepped on a whole week of messaging about policies the White House had hoped to stress.   While the media is now holding those with knowledge about this matter accountable thus ensuring the  military mission will be investigated and explained there is one thing everyone needs to agree on right now.

And that is how to pronounce the nation of Niger.

This week I was pleased when a news anchor correctly pronounced the name but then was dismayed when Senator Graham, who is supposed to be steeped in international relations, was not able to correctly pronounce the African nation.

So lets set the record straight.   Lindsay, that is not a pun aimed at you!  (But come on buddy, and at least open your closet door and wave to the rest of us!)

First of all the way Graham stated it as “NYE-jur” is wrong.  The proper way to say it is to use French-sounding “nee-ZHER,” and emphasize the second syllable so the word makes an approximate rhyme with “Pierre.”

And for record, Lindsay, the word for a bubbling brook is not “crik” but “creek”.

Just saying.

Trump Salt Makes Best Scathing Sunday Newspaper Opinion Article

This is a great read from Boston Globe’s Opinion Page by writer Renee Graham.

Read the whole article with above link.

In his lifetime, the greatest sacrifice Donald Trump has likely made is missing his daily tee time, and only since he became president. That may explain why the man has no empathy for others.

To borrow a Russian joke — one likely familiar to Trump’s former campaign manager Vladimir Putin — “We thought we had hit rock bottom, then someone knocked from below.” Every time we think Trump has gone as low as he can go, there he is again tweeting beneath our startled feet.

In his latest imbroglio, Trump is botching one of the most sacred rituals of the presidency: comforting a family that has lost a relative in the military. First he waited 12 days to say anything about the deaths of four American soldiers ambushed Oct. 4 during a mission in Niger. Then he falsely claimed his predecessors, especially President Obama, never or rarely called the families of service members killed in duty.

Since Trump became president, we’ve endured devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, a mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and hundreds injured, and wildfires devouring lives and communities in California. Trump didn’t cause any of them, but he has done nothing to soothe a overwhelmed country or, now, a grieving military family. Even at our most jaded, we still expect our leaders’ words and actions to serve as a salve in times of national distress. Instead we have Trump salting every wound.

I chastised Trump for days on social media for his silence on the military deaths in Niger. Now I wish he’d kept his mouth shut.