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Elvis Song Sang In Response To Bigoted Protester At University Of Maine

October 22, 2017

This blog is written by a true Elvis fan and a gay man in a 17-year partnership.    So when this story was noted by Rolf–and Hat Tip to him–I knew at once it needed to be posted.  This is just perfect and almost one that might have come from a Hollywood script.  Instead, it comes from the home state of where my partner, James, grew up.

Students at the University of Maine had the perfect response when a homophobe showed up on campus this week.  He was there to protest the start of the university’s Coming Out Week events.  As such he brandished a sign condemning ‘sexual immorality’ and condemning homosexuality.

But the protester did not bargain with the dozens of students who showed up ready to oppose his message.  They resisted him not through violence, but through music.

As the man attempted to spread his message of hate, the students responded with love, breaking into an a capella cover of Elvis song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’.


The King lives on!

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