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Federal Court Allows Teenager To Get Abortion

October 24, 2017

A federal appeals court has cleared the way for a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant held in detention in Texas to receive an abortion.  I wrote on this matter in some detail just hours ago.  I am very pleased with this court ruling as the procedure is legal and the government had no over-riding reason to deny the medical procedure.  My view has nothing to do with the issue of abortion itself but instead has everything thing to do with constitutional rights and the process of how law should be applied in this nation.

The full bench of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an earlier ruling from a three-judge panel of that court which gave the Trump administration more time to try to defuse the controversy by finding an adult who could take in the pregnant teen, who is currently in a federally funded shelter.

The D.C. Circuit’s new ruling split the judges along partisan lines, 6-3.

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