Jeff Glor Takes Center Stage For CBS News

Emmy-award winning CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor has been named anchor of the CBS Evening News.  He has reported across the globe for virtually all CBS News broadcasts and digital platforms in his 10 years with the network. He has anchored numerous breaking news stories, including most recently in the field for Hurricane Irma and in the studio for the Las Vegas shootings.

It is needless to say this is a great moment in Glor’s journalistic career.  There are truly impressive and historic shoes that he now fills when behind the anchor desk at CBS but his integrity as a journalist–a must for anyone who wishes to convey the news that matters to the nation–will allow him to make a comfortable fit.

I am delighted with this news and know he will make his mark in his duties on air.

America Lost Rock-And-Roll Legend With Death Of Fats Domino

Fats Domino, the piano prodigy whose lightning-fast fingers crafted a rollicking sound blending rock with rhythm-and-blues, has died at 89.

Domino gained fame with his 1955 hit “Ain’t That a Shame” and his 1956 rock ‘n’ roll version of “Blueberry Hill,” before finding further success with a string of other hits, including “I’m Walkin'” and “Walking to New Orleans.”

Whenever he played and sang there was not only an infectious grin on Domino’s face but his audience was smiling, too.  He had that magic a performer needs to be able to have his listeners become a part of the music and get lost in the melodies.   He was a master at hitting the chords on the piano and also pulling the strings of his audience so everyone had a fantastic time at one of his shows.

Fats Domino was a grand part of America’s musical family!