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Unsolicited Review For My Book “Walking Up The Ramp”

October 28, 2017

I was perfectly delighted this week in receiving a review of my book Walking Up The Ramp as it was warm and most generous.

I just want to tell you both how much I enjoyed reading Gregory’s book.  I was very interested in all the details, both the happy ones about family life and the radio station and work in the legislature and the sad ones about hard times in school.  I especially loved the descriptions of Gregory’s parents and his relationship with them.  I could see instantly how beautifully it paralleled James’s relationship with his family.  It was obvious long before you two met in the book that you would be perfect kindred spirits and soulmates.  Of course the best part was about your life together, keeping your parents present in your shared life,.treasuring your keepsakes from home and paying kindness forward.  Through it all there was such a wonderful sincere, honest, spirit, such a genuinely friendly interest in people and curiosity about life.  It was a delightful and warming read. 

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