Why It Matters For Senator Hatch To Retire, Mitt Romney To Seek Election

The news keeps coming and sounding the same as reports from earlier this year.

Senator Orrin Hatch has privately told allies in Utah that he is planning to retire at the end of his term next year, and if he does, Mitt Romney intends to run for his seat.    Why this is so important to CP is based on one primary reason.

Establishment Republicans must not allow for any slippage in their ranks at a time when nationalistic and other harmful elements are hijacking their party.

It has been reported for months that Republicans in Utah have been quietly working behind the scenes to convince 83-year-old Hatch, who is the longest-serving Republican Senator in Washington, that it is time to retire.  Threats of a primary challenge at a time when a number of state polls show a majority of voters want him to retire makes an insurgent candidate from the unglued part of the party a real possibility.  Therefore Hatch is going exit on a graceful note.

Which brings us to Mitt Romney.  While I am not a kindred spirit to his political points of view I am well aware he is a reasoned and sensible person.  Given the lack  of morals and principle among too many in the GOP due to President Trump I think it most important that the seat be carried by one with ties to the party establishment.

In addition, I have favored the spine that Romney has been able to locate at times when standing up to Trump.  A voice of that kind in the Senate will be of value to the entire nation.

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