The Other Story Concerning 10-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy And ICE

This afternoon on a website, which is an off-shoot of a radio show I listened to for many years on WGN radio, the sad topic from this past week was raised about the 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who was stopped while in an ambulance by ICE.

I still find it hard to believe that CBP, and, ICE, zealous in finding, and, deporting “undocumented aliens” as President Trump has directed them to be, could be so seemingly heartless. A 10 year old girl, with cerebral palsy, who was undergoing surgery, was treated like a criminal. This has to be a black eye for these agencies, and, the cabinet department (Homeland Security) they belong to. I’d love to see these departments’ directors, much less the Secretary of Homeland Security, or, even the President, defend these actions.

That is so correct.

As a response I offered a larger view which needs to be considered as to why these types of stories do not get the traction they deserve from the public.  Or the responses that need to be given by our government.   Here is what I wrote.

“Let me speak to this matter of the girl and at the same time address a larger concern—both are related.  There is a determined undertaking by this administration to create so much chaos in the form of tweets and fact-less statements that reporters are left to chase and respond to a degree, and in such volume, as we have ever seen.  As a result far too many stories—such as the girl of this thread—are then left in the dust because the next day there is a whole new series of chaos to chase and report.  This is done by design to overload the ability of the citizenry to engage on the weighty topics that deserve all-out attention.  Recall that most here are old enough to think a news cycle was between the morning newspaper and ‘Uncle Walter’, but now most newspapers online update their stories two or three times a day,  News cycles now happen in minutes.  The rush of events—often contrived–has outpaced reporters from doing their job fully and then our ability to gather information and ponder it with the degree of fullness which a democracy requires.”

And so it goes.

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