Opera House In Plainfield Getting Tender Loving Care From Concerned Citizens

Too often the sad and crazy world makes the news and also the postings on this blog.  That is the way of the world, but every now and then we all need to reflect on the things which brings a smile and calls out to be known far and wide.  Such is the case with the Opera House in Plainfield, Wisconsin.  Located 7 miles from Hancock where I grew up, this small community has done something I am most proud of and wish my readers from around the country to know about.

I love old buildings, but treasure those who care about persevering them even more.  So the folks who have done some terrific work in advocating for, and putting muscle to the task at the Opera House deserve credit.  Tonight I read a Facebook post which was written by Matt Makaryk, and instead of me composing a new way of telling the story will reprint most of what he made known today.

November 1st, 2017: what was once a big red “x” in my calendar at work is now a big blue smiley face!

The suspense we were given by the Village of Plainfield and its lawyer to have the back wall fixed and a new roof on or they would “proceed with a ‘raze’ order” to have me tear down the Plainfield Opera House!

Well after a great fund raiser last year at Ponderosa Pines with help from Sandy Bula, Terry Prior, The Urban Hillbillies, Monica Hedglin, Cale Kirby and my family we got started!!

Dad and I literally built a bridge for the TN house and we sold it to David Santel who came along at the perfect time — that financed the back wall!

We sold my ’67 Chevelle, that helped cover the deposit needed for the back wall.

Majik Sweep out of Berlin came in and dominated the back wall in APR and MAY.

Thank you to Farmers State Bank out of Wild Rose… after having to almost beg two local banks for financing only to be told “at this time, we feel it’s to big of a risk” — you listened to my plan and believed in the vision!

My family who helps when and where they can… mom cleaning up outside, Chris on the roof when he hates heights, Jenny directing a crane and Katie up their the last night shining my headlamp as we were putting down the last pieces of decking —-

And my dad who NEVER complains! He always asks “what’s the plan?” Without him, we’d be looking at another parking lot!!ing up, not down!

Matt Makaryk has started a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website which can be found by searching “Plainfield Opera House Roof Repair.” You can also follow the project on Facebook by searching “Plainfield Opera House – Wisconsin.” For more information call 706-992-2020. 

I am just plain proud of all those, who in one way or another, made possible what has already been undertaken.  Many steps remain but this old building has a new lease on life and many sunrises in its future because of those who care and see the potential in their work.

Gods Bless Them!

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