Bernie Sanders Was Not, And Is Not, A Democrat–So He Deserved Nothing From Democratic Party

It comes as no surprise to long-time readers that any complaints from Bernie Sanders over his treatment by the Democratic Party is simply laughable to me.   After all Sanders only became a Democrat to run for the party nomination in 2016 and shortly after the November election left the party.  That sums up his most irksome behavior.

And since the Democratic Party is designed–as any political party is–to reflect the beliefs and policy directions of the members and push forward party candidates there could be no room for a hijacker in the ranks.  That is about as plain and simple as I can make it.  (That and the fact I like math to add up which Sanders’ policy proposals did not accomplish–nor did his delegate counting.)  Sanders was simply trying to find any place from which to make his points that he has never been able to convincingly sell even in Congress.  The Socialist ticket would not allow him a national stage from which to make the same tiresome points over and over, and so tried to force Democrats to do his bidding.

Bernie Sanders campaign staffers this weekend are all in a patchouli-scented lather over what they say is now evidence that the Democratic National Committee offered them a less favorable fundraising deal than Hillary Clinton’s team received.

Well, yes!  Why in hell would the Sanders forces think that some outsider who was too self-righteous to call the Democratic Party home for all those years prior to his whim for the nomination would be granted anything more than having his name spelled correctly in press releases?

The issue of whether the party was playing favorites in 2016 was talked about often and let there be no misunderstanding.  If one wants to use the party for election purposes then plan to toil in the fields and work to make inroads at the chicken dinner party gatherings and work side-by-side when policy goals of the party require votes.  Do not show up days shortly before a candidacy is to be announced with your membership dues!  And when you do bring a damn comb and use it!

The real world of politics was not foreign to Sanders and that is what makes his low-regard for the party even more distasteful.  He may get a renewed sense of self after some of the headlines are read and half-understood by some of his followers, but the fact remains that he was never a team player and then got pissy when he found out there are rules in politics that must be adhered to.

I never drank Sanders’ Kool-Aid and truly found his populist message as troubling as any other that was employed in 2016.  Unfettered populism is one of the troubling outcomes from this past election season.  

There will now be a whole series of renewed grievances that will find their way into news columns and debated by pundits.  But they are meaningless to those who grasp what party politics means–and that is after all the way we elect people to high offices in this land.

And so it goes.