AR-15 And Mass Shootings

It’s true you don’t need an AR-15 to shoot at people.  The inner city streets of most cities makes that point very clear.  But the AR-15 is, for whatever reason, the mass murderer weapon of choice for many mass shootings in the United States.

The AR-15’s purpose is clear based on news reports alone about the sickening built-in efficiency in accomplishing the gunman’s mission of rapidly killing many people.    There is no reason under the sun as to why this weapon is allowed for sale to the general public.  The AR-15 should be outright banned.  Clearly what is happening now allows for anyone to have an AR-15 as the limited background check—if it is even employed–does not in any way heavily regulate its sale.  There are no required training classes and no compiling of names of those who own this weapon so the public is ware of the nutjobs who are stockpiling an army’s worth of them and the ammo to fire.

5 thoughts on “AR-15 And Mass Shootings

  1. Justin

    Mass shooters use the AR-15 because of copy cat mentality. The AR-15 is weak and not very sturdy. They however don’t know this and just copy prior success. The AR-15 is the primary MSR in the USA, meaning its the most showcased and viewed. That is why they use it.

  2. Carmen

    We have seen how fast congress can act when it comes to taxes but the long years of slaughter from these weapons does not even get a hearing in D.C.!

  3. Marilyn

    You have an AR-15…Law should state that you need to store and use only at a range..Law from th 90’s reinstated that no more can be sold…unless it is a military purchase..SNL could do a skit showing how useless AR15 would be to defend your open, basically destroying furniture, dog, and other stuff that your wife considers important in the house..

  4. Mitch

    Notice that the kids are acting like the grown-ups in the room. They are “calling BS” on the callous indifference of lawmakers. Teenagers are sharing selfies with the hashtag #MeNext because we have created a country where literally anyone could be the next victim of gun violence. We need to stop the madness–and now!

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