Election Night Anti-Trump Backlash As Elvis Might Sing It

This morning as I woke up and started the daily routine my mind was, of course, on the political news that was being analyzed from last night’s election returns around the country.  As I reached for the chocolate milk in the refrigerator my mind went to the line of an Elvis song that aligned with the moment we now find ourselves as citizens.  (Yes, this is what happens when you are an Elvis fan!)  As I poured a mug of milk I just knew this was how thoughts were rattling around in President Trump’s mind.

You’re losing interest in me and it’s showing
It ain’t no big thing but it’s growing
The pain of heartbreak I’ve just started knowing
Well, it ain’t no big thing but it’s growing

The returns from last night are simply amazing and ones no would have dared predict, such as the sweeping aside of the Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates.  But even more important are the demographics that made it all happen so decisively for the Democratic candidates and issues.

What struck me last night was the number of voters and the increased turnout from four years ago when Virginians last voted for a gubernatorial candidate.  That allowed for Democratic candidate Ralph Northham to not only win but do so on a massive scale (9%) and at the same time make history in the state by winning with more votes than any other candidate for governor.

Among those who disproved of Trump candidate Northam scored with 87% of them voting for him.  34% of voters said expressing opposition to Trump was a reason for their vote, with almost all of this group favoring Northam,

But the key to the evening was women–the demographic that Trump has tried to molest over the years and now intimidate with policy decisions.  White women with college degrees who had split evenly in the 2013 Virginia governor’s election, last night favored Northam by 16 points over Gillespie, 58 percent to 42 percent. Northam’s margin was more than twice as wide as the margin Hillary Clinton won with those voters last year, 50 percent to 44 percent.

Yes, it was that type of a night which produced many positive indicators for the future as we all know Trump is not getting more popular and certainly is not trying to be, in any way. presidential.

Around the nation the same type of intense outpouring from Democrats and independents proved why the Republican Party hold a losing hand for saddling up to Donald Trump.

Despite active opposition from Maine’s Republican governor along with an influx of outside money, a measure to expand Medicad was passed by a nearly 20-point margin. This will mean health-care coverage for an estimated 70,000 low-income residents.

Democrats took control of the Washington State Senate.  This give my party full control of all three states on the West Coast!

But there was more…such as in Georgia where three Democrats won seats in the legislature replacing Republicans who stepped down.   In Manchester, N.H. Joyce Craig is the first Democrat elected mayor there in 14 years.  Meanwhile in Charlotte, North Carolina Democratic candidate  Vi Lyles becomes the city’s first African American female mayor.

As Elvis might sing of last night and the mood of the nation as it turns against Trump….Well, it ain’t no big thing but it’s growing.

7 thoughts on “Election Night Anti-Trump Backlash As Elvis Might Sing It

  1. pattilynn9

    Country Elvis. This song couldn’t have been a hit for him. He had a beautiful voice, but this song does not showcase it. Thx for the listen.

  2. Not a major hit, but the low voiced Elvis is interesting to hear. Lots of Elvis country if you are ever in the mood.

    Enjoy and good to hear from you. Trust fall is treating you kindly.

  3. I agree Peter. Logic says that a strong reaction to what happened in 2016 was sure to happen–but I admit the depth of the wins and the VA House of Delegates stunned me. To your point if I were Ryan I would be mighty worried. Walker thinks he can smarm his way to another win–but i bet Sen. Baldwin’s huge turn-out operation may have a thing to say about his desires.

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