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You Want To Talk About Political Hi-Jinks!

November 16, 2017

The Roy Moore sex scandal is so out of control that a new way to exit the matter has been getting air.  And it is simply an abuse of the political process–no matter how one looks at it or from which partisan perspective.

Politico reports that Senate Republican leaders are considering just scrapping the entire special election and rescheduling it.

They don’t have the power to schedule elections in Alabama — only the governor does — but they are considering asking interim Sen. Luther Strange to resign before the Dec. 12 special election, hoping that could trigger a whole new special election. (The first would be to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the second would be to replace Strange.)

When a political party has devolved to such a place they have a candidate who has a sexual interest in teenage girls, but the internal compass of the party is not strong enough to absolutely jettison the perv from their ranks before the sun goes down, means their is a fatally flawed and moral problem with said party.

To re-stage the election because there is not enough of a collective and demanding insistence to remove the offensive candidate is simply appalling.

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