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Robert Mugabe About To Get Hard Kick Out Of Palace Door

November 18, 2017

Last week it was the power moves in Saudi Arabia that held my attention and interest.  This week it is the removal of one who has pained much of the thinking world for decades–Robert Mugabe.  Over the past decade on this blog I have not been reticent to state how I feel about this most putrid mass of human tissue.

Robert Mugabe is one of the most  wretched and disruptive leaders in the world today.  I place his name alongside  Sudan’s al-Bashir,  and North Korea’s Kim Jong-il  for being a major source of concern for the regions they inflict their pain upon.   That was how I felt in 2009.

Also from that year I wrote that There seems  to be no end to the destruction from Robert Mugabe on the country he leads.  For many long years we have watched and read the way Zimbabwe has suffered as a result of his ruthlessness, and desire to rape the resources of his country.

I also wrote on this blog  that To see a country strangled in slow motion is a horrible thing to witness.  However the citizens of Zimbabwe have been seeing that very thing up close as their loathsome leader, Robert Mugabe, has his hands around the political levers and drains the nation of vitality year after year.

What is at the center of this week’s move by the military to remove Mugabe’s is that his most-corrupt wife must also be banished from whatever power moves she is concocting in her scheming and manipulative mind.   It is not good enough to just remove the bigoted and corrupt Mugabe who falls asleep in public as soon as he falls back into his chair.   Also to be ushered to the the national exit door must be his wife.

This week it almost seemed that Mugabe thought he was in some position to cajole and negotiate his way to some safe place of power.  But the coup is no joke and his ouster is not in question.  The only thing left in question is that when he is thrown out of power does he land on his head or his backside.

While I am very much convinced that a principled constitutional equation would be best to remove this despot, I am also aware from following Zimbabwe’s plight that there needs to be a total and fast removal of Mugabe.  I applaud those negotiators who are poring through Zimbabwe’s laws to find a legal way out.  But even if there is not a path that is pure and clean Mugabe’s carcass must be jettisoned.

There are moves from some war veterans for independence and from the ruling party who seem more than ready to throw him away as party leader as early as tomorrow.   So the pretense that Mugabe can steer this show or have some central role to play ended when the military hardware took to the streets.

I am not sure if Zimbabwe has public executions.   But if they did Robert Mugabe would be a prime candidate for that fate.

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