Charlie Rose Let Us All Down

So here is my take on Charlie Rose, who tonight has been released from his duties at both CBS but more importantly for most of us who love interesting and informative discussions, PBS.

The Washington Post in a very long and detailed article today reported that eight women have come forward to state Rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

Rose has words of remorse for his actions, though he claims some of the allegations were not viewed by him in the same light as his accusers.   But the bottom line is his personal character was mighty flawed in this part of his life.

Not only do the women who he mistreated have a reason to feel let down, but so does that segment of the nation–small segment though that may be–who thrilled to an hour with the likes of Walter Isaacson talking about Da Vinci.  The Charlie Rose show was a very special place on TV.

Just the past two episodes have been remarkable for the journey they have taken viewers regarding the 50th anniversary of 60 Minutes.  Each program over the years has aired at midnight so I taped it on the DVR and watched it later.  He was a routine and a most pleasant one at that.  Lets face the fact there are not that many places on television where an erudite personality takes the rest of us who need such a journey into the topics that challenge and stimulate.

So when Rose felt up the leg of a woman who did not invite it he not only undermined himself, angered the woman, but also prevented those of us who wanted something deeper on television to have that opportunity continued.

So yes, Charlie Rose let us all down.